My Cozy Window Seat

Although I don’t get to stay in my new home yet, I have been doing some serious decorating. So in October when I get married everything will be perfect. My first big project was my window seat.

I actually cheated on this one. My fiancé and his dad actually bought the lumber and supplies to construct this seat. There was too many measurements involved. Along with our baseboard being difficult. I threw in the towel and handed it over to Jayce and his dad. BUT once it was assembled and painted, I took over. 😉 I saw a window seat on Pinterest and whined for days that I needed one. I immediately thought of pillow combinations. How many I would do, what color the cushion would be, etc. My seat was 73 x 10. My living room’s color scheme is navy, beige,  and small accents of burlap and light yellow. So I went to Walmart and got the fabric, bought a foam cushion and fabric glue. I just folded the fabric over to where it was even then next placed the cushion inside. Obviously I trimmed and cut where needed. I glued all the edges and placed it perfectly on my seat. Ugh, it was SO satisfying.

Next was my favorite part: the pillows!!!! I started off with the first two pillows. Then added some beige pillow and topped it all off with a center pillow that says, “Love you more.” How fitting for two love birds like Jayce and I. 😂

I had an abundance of little storage bins. So I picked two grey ones and two beige ones. I chose the grey because the printed pillows have grey on the design.

Below is basically a before pic  above is the finished project!



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